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The question that most people in Wales ask about roof-mounted domestic solar panel systems is: can they pay for themselves? The answer is YES, provided that the solar panels are of the right surface area for your energy requirments, are fitted and installed properly, are working properly, and you have allowed 4-6 years to recover the capital costs of your solar power project. Solar power can work, even with the Swansea weather!

If the roof is south-facing, the solar panels working properly, and you have read the book about batteries, switching, and government FIT tariffs, then you should be able to recover the costs in 4-6 years, and some people even make a small profit from their solar energy (photovoltaic) system. And that's before you consider the environmental benefits - and helping to save our planet...

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As time moves, on and technology improves, so the cost equation of capital costs (of the initial solar panel systems) - verses the rewards gained, balances out in our favour. Be wary of companies claiming that profits can be made.

We can sit down with you after a house survey, and give you a start-up price and a recovery calculation - what you might expect to get back over a period of 5 years operating your solar panel system.

We can help you with all of your solar panel (photovotaic cell) needs, and supply you with backup batteries, switching gear and monitoring software, as well as diesel generators for larger systems (the generator kicks in at night or when overcast).      

In order to help you with a choice of roof-mounted solar panels, we first need to check a few details with you and conduct a home survey of your roof and property. We can then offer you a solution for you solar system needs, and quote you a price for installation.

Please fill in either the CALL ME BACK form or the ENQUIRY FORM and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you.

Please note that solar water heaters are not solar panels or solar energy systems, they work by a different mechanism.


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